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Treatment at Swelling Solutions Lymphatic Health Center

Swelling Solutions Lymphatic Health Center provides complete person-centered care. Recognizing that everyone is not the same, you are provided with an individualized plan of care based on a thorough health history and assessment. Mapping potential congested areas and designing a treatment that includes manual lymphatic drainage massage (MLD), breathing techniques, simple joint movements and tissue mobility techniques are all part of your unique treatment protocol. Catharine will design you a DIY self massage routine based on your personal needs and help you through the reduction phase of treatment. You will be given the tools you need to self-monitor and self-manage your swelling and Catharine will be  there for you when you need her in the maintenance phase.


  • Tissue assessment & mapping of potential fluid redirection routes based on knowledge of lymphatic pathways

  • Involves MLD tailored to your situation, breath work and guided muscle contractions to influence lymphatic flow

  • Tissue manipulation techniques to help scarring, cording and “stuck” tissue after breast cancer treatment

  • Instruction in self MLD using simple, yet effective, S-S-S method unique to Swelling Solutions

  • Instruction in stretching and simple exercises for tissue and joint range of motion 

  • Personalized Do-It-Yourself MLD/movement home care instruction sheets


Acting on the call from researchers, this innovative program helps breast cancer patients through education and surveillance for breast cancer-related lymphedema. Online classes for AWS (cording) management, fatigue, getting ready for radiation, and more are available. Please contact Catharine Burt RN, BScN, RMT, CDT for more information.

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Chronic Edema Management

Chronic edema's complications can be detrimental to your physical, social and psychological wellbeing. Decongestive therapy involves manual lymph drainage therapy, compression, skin care and exercise. At Swelling Solutions Catharine will help you to reduce the size of your limb in the initial therapy stage and is there to support you once you have reached the maintenance phase of swelling management.

Chronic Sinus Congestion Management

Lymphatic drainage is indicated in chronic conditions of sinus irritation. It is clinic policy to consider any sinus infection a contraindication to having lymphatic drainage. Most sinus infections are viral in nature.  If however you have been taking antibiotics for a bacterial sinus infection for at least 7 days and improvement is felt, treatment may begin.
Chronic sinus congestion such as occurs with allergies responds well to lymphatic drainage massage treatments. 

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Other Services Offered

Head Massage

Post Concussion/ Headaches

Once thought not to have lymphatic connections, new discoveries of lymphatic drainage pathways from the brain to the neck region in the recent years are re-writing anatomy books. Lymphatic drainage massage has helped those with post-concussion symptoms
and chronic headaches and migraines since the time of Emil Vodder (founder of the Vodder MLD technique). We now have some more insight as to why.



Assistive Devices Program



Individuals diagnosed with Lymphedema are eligible for funding through the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care's Assistive Devices Program (ADP).

The initial application, changes to garments and biannual re-application require a signature by an authorizer. An authorizer is available at Swelling Solutions. The process involves an assessment and measurement of your limb.  There is a fee for this assessment. Please bring your ADP form, signed by a doctor, to the clinic for your appointment.


Lymphatic drainage treatment after surgery may help decrease swelling and improve healing.


1. Pre-op education session to teach you self-lymphatic drainage techniques and lymph stimulating exercises

2. Post-op sessions to help decrease swelling and reinforce self-treatment techniques. Number and frequency of sessions will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

All treatment plans must have prior approval from surgeon.

Please bring with you any restrictions

your surgeon has asked of you to your appointment.

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