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Best practices for The Management of Chronic Swelling and Lymphedema

Swelling Solutions staff adhere to current research and best practice in all aspects of care for those with chronic conditions of swelling

Chronic Edema and Lymphedema

Click the document below for information regarding chronic edema and lymphedema


Please be advised, Swelling Solutions is NOT and OHIP funded clinic. Those who have third party benefits may be reimbursed under Registered Massage Therapy. A prescription for massage therapy may be required.

In order to safely treat our clients please provide the following with your referral:

1. For lower limb edema, results of vascular studies that include an ABPI and negative results for a DVT. It is clinic policy to have ABPI results  before any compression therapy is started.

2. For new upper limb swelling, ultrasound results are requested to rule out ominous blockages.

3. A  script for manual lymph drainage massage and compression therapy. 

4.  Please note, Lymphatic drainage massage is contraindicated with the following:

  • Untreated CHF

  • Untreated cancer (unless for palliative reasons)

  • Severe kidney dysfunction

  • Recent DVT 

  • Acute Infection/ cellulitis

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