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National Lymphedema Network Position Statements

The National Lymphedema Network is dedicated to increasing awareness about lymphedema and the empowerment of those who have chronic swelling and lymphedema. Please take note of the following position statements. More can be found at

 What is lymphedema and how is it treated?


Also called axillary web syndrome, cording can interfere with arm movement and cause discomfort. Find out what cording is and how it is treated. Download the information booklet below.

Compression is medicine for lymphedema. Not having the right garment can mean your lymphedema gets worse over time. The fit, duration of wear and tissue condition matter when it comes to maintaining your swelling.  Answer the questions on this checklist and take it to your fitter the next time you get new garments.

jobst compression sock 1.jpg
range of motion graphic 2 (2).png

Shoulder Health and Breast Cancer Treatment: Why Exercise is Important

 Surgery with lymph node removal, scar tissue, radiation therapy, previous shoulder injury, preoperative physical health and immobility of the arm after surgery play a role in shoulder mobility impairment. Find out what you can do before and after surgery and radiation to help shoulder function and why exercise and stretching play a large role in recovery.

Ontario Pressure Modification Device Funding For Lymphedema: ADP program

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