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What's New

Construction is coming to an end

We finally have asphalt on the road in front of our office and a new sidewalk too! However, Rock Street is still closed to traffic. Thanks to all of you who have had to put up with the construction this summer.
NOTE: Parking in front of the office has changed. It appears that when the road is reopened there will be a few parallel parking spots on either side. We will keep you posted.


For Your Information

Research and documents you may find helpful

This week we are looking at a study indicating that mastectomy surgery and/or radiation treatment can interfere with normal shoulder motion. This study included only a small amount of breast cancer survivors, but brings up some good points for further queries into the effects of treatment. It also stimulates us to find a professional to assess our shoulder function and prevent or correct any dysfunction.


National Lymphedema Network Position Statements

The National Lymphedema Network is dedicated to increasing awareness about lymphedema and the empowerment of those who have chronic swelling and lymphedema. Please take note of the following position statements. More can be found at