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I started treating people with chronic swelling in 2006. Back then knowledge about lymphedema was sparse and many people went without treatment because there was thought to be no credible treatment. We have come a long way since then and it is because of all the dedicated researchers in Canada, the United States, Australia and the UK. 

Here in Ontario we are lacking statistics as to the who, what, how, why, when and where of chronic edema. I am posting short surveys here on my web page in the hopes that you will help by sharing your experiences. I hope that the information that we collect here can contribute somehow to the  Canadian research base and ultimately to a decision for funding of treatment for chronic edema and lymphedema.

We are starting with breast cancer related lymphedema, but rest assured we have not forgotten about the many other people who have chronic swelling from other causes. Watch the site for future surveys.


Catharine Burt RN, BScN, RMT, CDT


Breast Cancer Lymphedema Survey: Part One

A short survey of your treatment for breast cancer. No email requested. No ID required.

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Breast Cancer Lymphedema survey: part two

Part two is a follow-up of questions pertaining to your swelling. No ID is required. No email requested.

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Breast Cancer lymphedema survey: part three

Part three continues your story and tells of how your lymphedema affects you and your life. No ID required. No email requested.

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Breast cancer lymphedema survey:
part One

Breast Cancer lymphedema survey:
Part two

Breast cancer lymphedema survey:
Part three

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