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To provide a consistent standard of excellence in client care that is recognized as professional, evidence-based and a necessary component in the management and treatment of chronic swelling and conditions treatable with lymphatic drainage techniques.


Swelling Solutions strives to represent and help at risk, acute and chronic cases of lymphatic disruption  with an excellence representative of quality health care. This treatment focuses on a holistic, client-centered approach. The unique needs and values of our clients, their family members, our peers and community members are respected. Empowerment is at the root of our treatment plan in order for our clients to obtain knowledge and independence in a timely manner. We hold a strong commitment to collaboration with professionals within the circle of care of each client.

Our Business

Open since 2010, the lymphedema management center was renamed in 2020 to the lymphatic health center in order to capture it's full scope of practice. Swelling Solutions is the first of its kind in the Waterloo-Wellington region. Lead by a Registered Nurse, the experienced health care professionals  are raising the bar for chronic swelling treatment and lymphatic rehabilitation measures in Southern Ontario. Standards of care are met through the use of specially trained therapists who undergo regular upgrading.

Utilizing current evidence-based knowledge in the practice, encouraging strong communication between health disciplines and prioritizing clients first, help to make Swelling Solutions a clinic of excellence.

Who We Are

Catharine Burt RN, BScN, RMT, CDT

(Senior Care Coordinator)

Catharine has 32 years of combined experience in nursing and as a Registered Massage Therapist, Catharine is dedicated to the safe, competent treatment of her clients and brings her nursing, teaching and business experience to this facility with confidence.

Lydia Vasek RMT, RRPr, CDT

(Care Coordinator)

Lydia is certified by the Vodder School to treat Lymphedema. She also offers, massage therapy, reflexology, reiki, and craniosacral therapy. Lydia has extensive experience working with infants.

Rachelle Wright BSc, RMT, CDT

(Care Coordinator)

Rachelle is an experienced Vodder trained therapist offering complete decongestive therapy for those with swelling as well as Swedish Massage Therapy.

Jonathan Ball M.OMSc (Cert.) OOA

(Manual Osteopathic Practitioner)

For an appointment with Jonathan please contact him directly at (226) 220-5119



Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

One-On-One Video Consultation Thursdays 11 am to 7pm