New Satellite Clinic Is Open

We are pleased to announce the opening of Swelling Solution's new assessment and treatment site just up the street at 564 Belmont Ave. West. This site will offer comprehensive assessment and evidence informed treatment for lymphedema as well as the new breast-cancer related lymphedema surveillance & education program-Proactive Measures Program- The first of its kind in Ontario.
Note: Catharine Burt RN, BScN, RMT, CDT will be relocating to this site. You can book with Catharine through this website. For Practitioners at site 1, please see the about page.


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The Maintenance Matters Program is Now Available for those with chronic swelling and lymphedema

If you have lymphedema and must wear your compression garment daily, please fill out this survey on the psychological aspect of wearing compression

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PROACTIVE MEASURES PROGRAM (offered at Site 2, Belmont Medical Center)

The only comprehensive breast cancer-related lymphedema surveillance program in Ontario!

Surgery, lymph node removal, radiation and Taxane-based chemotherapy increase the risk of developing lymphedema for women receiving treatment for breast cancer. Research has shown that lymphedema is a chronic, progressive condition of swelling that is best caught early. Unfortunately, it is not usually diagnosed until visible swelling occurs. The evidence is telling us that lymphedema is present before it is visibly noted by a patient. We want to catch lymphedema in its very early stages before the effects of this condition become a burden to women who have already gone through so much.

Research has shown that lymphedema usually appears within the first two years after treatment for breast cancer. Ideally, our program will obtain baseline information before your surgery, but you can join at any time. We will follow you for two years after treatment and will provide you with education about the common issues that occur during and after treatment and monitoring techniques for lymphedema. You will have access to regular "webucation" events, pdf documents and social chats with your peers in the program. Unique to this program, we provide more than just education. You will also be seen at three month intervals in the first year and 6 month intervals in the second year (8 visits if began before surgery)  for hands on assessment by a certified lymphedema therapist that includes limb circumference, shoulder range of motion and bioimpedance analysis with our medical grade BIA machine that can detect subtle fluid changes in your limbs and trunk.

Our website is updated regularly for program registration and "webucation" events. Please email us if you have any questions about the program or cost.



Upcoming Events

  • Maintenance Matters Series. A series of 5 online workshops to help you manage your lymphedema
    Ongoing Monthly Workshops
    Call Catharine (519) 841-9759 to register
    Ongoing Monthly Workshops
    Call Catharine (519) 841-9759 to register
    These workshops give you up to date information on how to assess and monitor your lymphedema using a 5-step method developed by Catharine Burt RN, BScN, RMT, CDT. Available as a package to save you $$. They are ongoing so you can participate at your convenience.


Both sites are conveniently located on Belmont Avenue and are accessible on the ground floor.

Site 1 is located just off Belmont Ave. and faces Rock Avenue. Street parking only.

Site 2 is located in the Belmont Medical Center with a large parking lot available. 

Site 1: 665B Belmont Ave W., Kitchener, On. N2M 1N8. Offering Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Lymphedema management, ADP authorization for compression garments, Reiki and Reflexology
Site 2: Unit 102A-564 Belmont Ave. W, Kitchener, On. N2M 5N6. Offering  Ontario's first comprehensive Lymphedema Surveillance & Education program (Proactive Measures Program), lymphedema treatment, ADP authorization for compression garments, lymphedema management education and compression garments for early stage lymphedema.

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Site 1: (519) 749-0102 / Site 2: Catharine Burt (519) 841-9759

Fax: (519) 749-8543

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