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What is a seroma? What is cording? I have swelling, what now?  The answers to these questions and more are given to you in my Proactive Measures program. You can choose one-on-one consultations (in person or online) or in person  group workshops. 

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Are You Looking For Compression Products?

Buying compression products for lymphedema reduction and maintenance can be a daunting process when there are so many choices on the internet. We have added this service in order to provide you with quality compression supplies used by lymphedema therapists.  In-person bookings for non-custom day garments, night garments, bandage supplies and fibrosis aids are now offered. Additionally, you can book a virtual consultation by a lymphedema therapist to discuss the options best for you. Contact us for details.

Tribute Night Garment.                 Juzo Night                               Velcro Wraps          

Bandaging Supplies                            Compression Socks                           Prairie Wear Compression

Non-Custom Armsleeves

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Swell Spots

How does our lymphatic system work?

Swelling Solutions Offers Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema Surveillance 

Catharine Burt RN, BScN, RMT, CDT has designed an early awareness program for individuals going through treatment for breast cancer. The PROACTIVE MEASURES PROGRAM is the first program in Ontario designed to help detect complications of breast cancer treatment early. Ideally, you would be seen before treatment begins for assessment of shoulder range of motion and limb circumference.  Our research grade BIA machine helps to assess fluid levels and body composition as you regain strength. Following you through treatment allows us to pick up on changes and give you education about lymphedema, getting ready for radiation treatments and identify complications that may need referrals to other healthcare professionals. Lymphedema, a chronic condition of swelling can occur anytime after treatment depending on your risk factors. However, research has shown that it occurs within the first two years after treatment. Therefore, we will assess anyone at anytime after treatment as well. The possibility of getting lymphedema can cause anxiety and lead some people to start wearing compression garments when they may not be needed. We help you to navigate through this decision and only recommend compression when the evidence tells us you need it. Contact Catharine Burt  for more information. (519) 749-0102

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